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My Works

The Strange Case of Kurt James

Here's a nice little five star review on my gay romantic suspense novel: THE STRANGE CASE OF KURT JAMES.
"An Instant Classic!
"Kurt James is not one to stay out of the limelight. Tired of wasting his time on drugs and being known as New York's infamous call boy, he turns his life around by becoming a highly sought-after tutor for business giants and barons. However, tragedies always seem to follow Kurt wherever he goes. Scandals, violence, and murders; is he simply a spectator, or does his closet conceal skeletons? It all began when Kurt met the Darling family and found himself falling in love with the father, David, and his son, Claude — someone he has been hired to tutor. David's connection to President Richard Nixon raises a few eyebrows, but the Watergate Scandal makes things worse for him. Topped with two murders at the Darling Place on Fifth Avenue, and Kurt once again finds himself in the middle of mayhem.
The Strange Case of Kurt James by Jery Tillotson is another compelling addition to the author's fascinating list of novels with strong gay themes. This tale has the perfect amount of adventure, thrill, mystery, and excitement to make it a bestseller, similar to the author's previously published novels, Naked Jesus and White Gods. James's story will take you from the 1973 drug-fueled streets of New York to the posh neighborhoods and beyond as he tries to fight off negative labels attached to his name. Is he a home wrecker, or is there more to his story?
Jery Tillotson has long been a cherished writer. Ever since he left his career as a journalist and started penning down short stories and novels for fiction lovers, he has managed to become an international sensation, and rightfully so. With The Strange Case of Kurt James, he sustains his spot amongst other popular writers yet again, delivering a tale that is twisty and in prose that is gorgeous; the characters are nuanced and the conflict expertly written to transform the story into a page-turner.
Review Date: November 7, 2021
Category: Fiction - LGBT
Book Commentary, Inc.


 In 1973, Darling Place is recognized as the most opulent of the grand mansions that line Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Yet, within those gilded walls, poisonous emotions simmer--awaiting a flame to ignite them into an inferno of explosive fury. There's sixteen-year-old Claude Darling: handsome, precocious, drug addicted and habitually arrested for indecent exposure. His mother is neurotic millionairess Mona, whose become a strident feminist activist but who brutally tortures her adorable little son, Tuffy. Her husband is David Darling, most handsome and promiscuous of the Wall Street tigers and intimate confidante to President Richard Nixon, who battles daily the Watergate Scandal in Washington that uncovers a vast web of conspiracy and criminality that can land the Chief Executive in prison.

Enter golden-haired, charismatic Kurt James into this maelstrom of raw emotions to tutor Claude and whose dynamic personality quickly fascinates both father and son—much to the alarm of Mona. She demands her husband fire this extraordinary young man who desperately wants to hide his notorious past as Gotham's most expensive male escort and gay activist. When David refuses and instead promotes Kurt to manage the operation of the mansion, two violent murders explode at Darling Place and overnight, the name of Kurt James becomes emblazoned in headlines as a "degenerate" homewrecker and the lover of President' Nixon's most intimate confidante. Is Kurt James just another victim of violent homophobia rampant at that time? Or is he actually a dazzling yet cunning psychopath who trails behind him a history of scandal, turmoil and murder?

His strange secret is finally revealed in an ending guaranteed to shock the reader!

o reinvent himself from the city's most highly paid male escort to Gotham's most in-demand private 

The Strange Case of Kurt James

Sixteen year-old Brandy witnesses the violent murders of his mother--by the Ku Klux Klan in 1940--and of his father by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Before he dies at the age of 98, his life is dramatically changed by a strange young man.

White Gods

In 1941, sixteen-year-old Brandon witnesses the violent deaths of both his bigger-than-life parents.

His mother, Dr. Laura Mirakle, along with six black members of her medical staff, are murdered by the Ku Klux Klan when she tries to operate an integrated clinic in Georgia. Brandon shoots dead three of the terrorists.

His father, the dashing Milo Mirakle, takes his truamatized son back with him to Pearl Harbor where President Roosevelt has assigned the brilliant military affairs professor to a key consultant job. Brandon falls in love with beautiful island boy, Rudy. But on Decemember 7, both Rudy and Milo Mirakle and 3,000 young military men perish when the Japanese Army drop their bombs.

Seventy-five years later, a dying Brandon returns to Pearl Harbor for the anniversary of the massacre--but his life is shockingly changed when he meets a strange young man.


From swamp lust - to swamp fury!

Dark Oaks Art Colony, right next to the treacherous Ochobaca Swamp, slumbers beneath the sultry Alabama sun - until dynamo Sunny St. James roars in from his sensational appearance on Broadway to write his memoirs. His golden looks and dazzling charisma enchants the twenty-one male residents who battle for his attention. But someone doesn't want him there and plant first a monster alligator and then a monster Burmese Python in his cabin to frighten him to leave. Will Suny and his lusty swamp lover survive to marry in Manhattan? Or will both perish as victims in the slithery place of horror in swamp hell! Jason Fury will arouse the reader with a jaw-dropping gallery of complicated wild men!


My novel, THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW showcased

Among the leading gay authors represented in this book, my best-seller from 1993, THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW is highlighted with a long excerpt which describes a sex-mad Manhattan of 1980 in which a serial killer stalks blonde-haired go-go boys, which describes the hero. This book is based on an actual string of butcheries committed mostly in Greenwich Village, starting in the late 1970s. The killer was never found although the strongest theory is that the madman was actually a New York City vice squad worker.


Twin brothers survive the massacre of their charismatic father and their beautiful transgender mother.
One boy becomes a famous gay fashion designer. His sibling grows into a blazing replica of his extraordinary father, Emmanuel Trident, who many in the doomed village of their birth believed to be Jesus Christ. The boys vow to return to their home and prove once and for all whether Emmanuel Trident really was the Messiah.
Devil--or Angel? Who was the Mountain Messiah who appeared suddenly out of nowhere in the crime-ridden village of Vesaria in the North Carolina Mountains?

From best-selling author, JERY TILLOTSON...
On a wintry evening in 1940, a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in the crime-ridden village of Vesaria in the North Carolina mountains.
Like a miracle, big, powerful, charismatic Emmanuel Trident brings joy and prosperity to the community. He creates his own church where he appears naked to preach the word of a prehistoric and androgyhous deity named Mouria. This Mountain Messiah enthralls everyone. But then he marries the notorious outcast, the beautiful transexual Diana DuPree and they have the miracle birth of twin sons.
An enraged Ku Klux Klan massacres the family and the village is destroyed by a horrendous plague.
Yet, stories abound in later years that Emmanuel Trident was able to escape into a magic cavern near the village of Vesaria and sleeps eternally until a psychic signal is sent for his resurrection.
His twin sons survive. One becomes a famous gay fashion designer. His sibling becomes a blazing replica of his mythical father.
Together, they vow to seek out the fate of Emmanuel Trident--and to prove once and for all whether or not he really is the Messiah!

Andrea D'Allasandra's best-selling triology of terror: Death House, Horror House and House of the Screaming Clowns!

The old Saunders House sits grim and remote on a desolate mountain top. Visit it if you wish--but you'll never escape. The terrifying Benji roams the corridors, destroying all intruders into "his" home. Wielding an axe, he believes in giving his victims more than 40 whacks. First there was Death House. Then came Horror House. And then the climatic House of the Screaming Clowns.
"Scream-a-Licious!" B&N
"Lock your doors. Look under the bed. Terrifying reading from a master!" Amazon

The Wolf Boy and the Beautiful Psychic Battle Mountain Evil!
This is the Kindle version of RUN FAST, MY WOLF BOY which has already become a smash-hit.

Run Fast, My Wolf Boy

A beautiful psychic and her powerful wolf boy lover battle mountain evil!
She was the high school outcast--shunned, spit upon, beaten up because she was locked up in a mad house until she was sixteen for such unsettling talents for levitation, mentally moving around objects and walking through walls.
He was the powerful jock who became fascinated with her and took her home to meet his father, the powerful werewolf king of Grizzly Mountain.
Together they joined forces to battle the vicious towns people who wanted to destroy the wolf paradise and replace it with a glitzy resort.
With danger fast approaching, Gretch warns her werewolf lover: "Run fast, my wolfboy!"
"Gay Erotica at its Zenith!" ERIC'S BODY!--Amazon


Celebrating its 30th anniversary of being in print. Published in 1993 by Masquerade Books, Jason Fury's powerful collection of male-male stories became an overnight sensation and gradually an international best-seller. The book was re-issued by the Author's Guild of Back-in-Print of American classics and once more became a top seller. And then in January 2017, Open Road Media brought the rights and re-issued it once more to a new generation. Although banned in Canada until 2011, the twenty-one stories of complicated men have enthralled readers for two decades. Badboys, hot Daddies, psychos, jocks, truckers, tragic lovers, Fury's tales range from the heart-breaking, "Barbed Wire," to the humorous, "The Bastard of the County," to the haunting "The Last of the Seven Beauties." Read and be thrilled by story collection that was "rejected by over 120 agents and editors who all called my stories junk, porno and garbage."
Now considered a "must" for any collector of classics, add ERIC'S BODY and be thrilled over and over again--as hundreds of thousands of readers have done in the past.

At 73, the author encounters romance in the mountain city of Asheville, NC.. Shocking but true! When author Jery Tillotson moved to the beautiful mountain city, , he discovered romance again wtih nearly one hundred men he met through the internet dating sites. Read who were the flops, the bores and the knockouts!


At five, a cunning pedophile introduced him to the explosive world of male-male sex.
By 54, Jery Tillotson was recognized as a pioneer in gay writing that began in 1978.
And at the age of 73, he rediscovered the joy of male-male romance again via cyber dating in the city of Asheville, NC.
Through it all, the author describe the violent homophobia that marked most of his life--even during his fifteen years as a prize-winning journalist.
Shocking but true, take a journey through the tumultuous life he lived and be fascinated, aroused and not forgotten
Where the charismatic Kurt James goes--scandal follows. When he falls in love with his pupil, badboy Claude Darling, the boy's father, the stunning Wall Street knockout, David, joins in. But then there's a murder, scandal in Washington and then prison!


Considered by many readers to be one of gay literatures most powerful romantic dramas, HIS EYES WERE DARK, HE LICKED HIS LIPS traces breathlessly the phenomenal rise of the charismatic Kurt James--from a gay witch hunt in Georgia to Manhattan's most popular call boy to the glittering rooms of Fifth Avenue's most opulent mansions. Set against the tumultuous era of the 1970s, Kurt falls in love with his badboy pupil, Claude Darling, and then Claude's stunning young Wall Street tiger father, David. But David is also supposed to be supplying stud services to his close friend, President Nixon in the White House. The Watergate Scandal explodes, Nixon falls with disgrace, a hideous murder occurs in the Darling mansion. Scandal erupts, prison looms and...Jason Fury's ending will leave you gasping in shock.
Jery Tillotson says this about the writing of HIS EYES WERE DARK HE LICKED HIS LIPS: "I lived on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan for 25 years and I would walk past these enormous old mansions and structures, some which seemed boarded up and deserted, and I wondered about their histories. One nearby doorman I knew on Fifth Avenue told me that one of these gothic structures was the scene of a sensational murder trial in the seventies where the heiress was butchered. No one was ever convicted although there was heavy suspicions about the handsome young housekeeper and the stunning Wall Street tycoon and the badboy son all having a gay affair. That, I thought, would make a great story."
Sex! Muscle gods! Monsters of the deep and of the Dark World. They're all here in Jason Fury's smash hit, SCREAMS OF PAN!

Non-stop action as Mr. Universe, Johnny America, and his muscle gods join forces with Queen of the Underworld, Christian Tremont, and her army of beautiful vampire and werewolf boys, as they battle the Dark Ones, the hideous union of monsters as they fight to take over the real world. Is Atlas the real father of Johnny America? Only the Great God Pan can decide the war!


The fabulous Christina Tremont is the offspring of a powerful werewolf father and his magical vampire wife. In 2013, she meets the extraordinary muscle god, Johnny America, whose father may well have been the god, Atlas. Together they battle The Dark Ones but realize they need the help of the Great God Pan. Will our beautiful couple be defeated before Pan can rescue them? A non-stop journey through the paranormal worlds of shift changing creatures, demons and oversexed young warriors!
Sammy Buck is "The Sexist Man Alive"--and when he strips before the camera for his movie, ORGY, all hell breaks loose!


Is the small coastal town of Wilmington, NC, ready for an X-rated movie, ORGY, to begin filming there--and the over-sexed young sexy pinup boy, Sammy Buck whose already ready to strip naked before or behind the cameras? In ORGY, you'll discover every sex freak and religious whacko ready to join in the fray and turn the production of ORGY into one wild carnival ride! Jery Tillotson writes: "In 2009, I was living in Wilmington, NC, and was chosen to be one of the "special" extras for a big sex party sequence in the Saturday Night Live movie production of A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED ORGY. We extras were not bashful at showing some skin although I wore a purple corset, a red bikini brief and a spiked dog collar. Naked boys and girls were writhing all over the set. Two days of shooting convinced me this would make a sizzling hot read--because what happened BEHIND the cameras was far hotter than was happening before it."
Naked and Complicated Men--bad boys, hot Daddies, convicts, wrestlers, S&M tough guys--strip off your clothes and get bare-assed with NAKED FURY!


Jason Fury's smash hit sequel to his ground-breaking ERIC'S BODY. In NAKED FURY, you'll find 23 stories and you'll meet the postman from hell, whose two knocks herald his crazed S&M desires for his beautiful new resident. How about a mob of powerful, sizzling construction workers who save a beautiful boy from the violent pimp who wants him to himself. And in "Burnt Oranges," meet the powerful Daddy Jack Sarelle whose taking his out-of-control son back to America on the Titanic in 1912 and only one survives. You'll find them all here. Big, beautiful, mean, sadistic, angelic men that only Jason Fury can profile. Take off your clothes and get naked when you read--NAKED FURY!


In 1929, "talkies" have revolutionized the movie colony and three young men arrive to become the new screen gods. Only one finds sensational success as the new "Clark Gable" but a notorious scandal destroys his career. Another one is so big and handsome he ends up being the Stag Film Stud of the underground. And then there's Sunny St. James who becomes a popular song and dance extra--but he becomes world famous as the Queen of Hollywood--the number one drag act anywhere. He, too, finds empty dreams and tragedies
Hollywood in 1929 and 3 dynamic young men arrive to make their mark on the Silver Screen. Each finds triumph, tragedy and cast in the era's greatest movies!
A rope-wielding maniac is on the loose in sex mad Manhattan of 1980. His favorite victims: golden-curled go-go boys. Based on fact!

Jason Fury's feverish novel is set in the sex-mad world of Manhattan's night life--where killers and go-go boys flourish! Based on a real life series of unsolved murders of handsome male strippers in the city's dark underside of Greenwich Village and S&M bars. All has vanished but Jason Fury brilliantly evokes that time which he knew well--all before the AIDS epidemic struck!


Now, celebrating its 25th year of being in print. Hailed upon its publication as a masterpiece of breathless erotica, THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW follows a charismatic blonde stripper, as he tries to escape a serial killer whose murdering golden-haired go-go boys like himself. Jason Fury was praised for his vivid evocation of a sex-mad Manhattan that he describes in detail--the movie houses, the live sex shows, the strip joints, the baths. Based on a real series of gay murders in the late 1970s, the author also evokes a vast city before the AIDS epidemic struck in 1985 and THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW has been described a parable of what happens when dark reality happens. This was also re-issued in 2005 by the Authors Guild of America's prestigious Back-in-Print list of classics and in January 2017, Open Road Media brought the rights and reprinted it for a new generation.
Jery Tillotson writing as 'Jason Fury' and revealing shocking and amazing details of his 73 years.

Jery Tillotson's prize winning memoir, NIGHTS OF FURY, has been acclaimed as one of the best autobiographies by an author to be published. Shocking but true--from a victim of violent homophobia abuse to a pioneer of gay literature, Tillotson proves that he has the steely determination to endure over seven decades.


Author Jery Tillotson uses his popular pen name of 'Jason Fury' to write his real life memoirs, NIGHTS OF FURY--starting with the violent homophobia he began to experience following World War II, through his years as a prize-winning journalist, to his success as a pioneer in gay writing. He describes the men he loved and lost and the ones who got away. When he loses his young fireman lover at the scene of New York's massacre on September 11, 2001, he knew his life would never be the same.
Meet the doomed, the haunted and the innocent in THE SECRET OF JIMMY X and OTHER TALES OF THE MACABRE.


In the remote mountain city of Wintersville only the dead flourish.
In Jason Fury's stunning collection tales of eerie, macabre gay erotica, THE SECRET OF JIMMY X and OTHER STORIES OF THE MACABRE, check your windows and lock your doors. Meet a gallery of twenty-one men, all involved in bizarre events that will change--or end--their lives. In "The Pirates of Black Lake," a pornographer chooses a treacherous swamp to film his young performers, only to encounter a monster that ends it all. A lonely school teacher wishes his boyfriend were alive after a terrible tractor accident--and then one night there comes a rapping on the door. A naïve author falls in love with his hunky new neighbor across the street--and discovers serial killers come in sexy packages. Thrill and chill to stories that surpass Jason Fury's international best-seller, ERIC'S BODY!
Big Bill Jackson's sexual frolics, recorded in all the major magazines, were banned in Canada until 2010.


Banned in Canada, along with Jason Fury's masterpiece, ERIC'S BODY,until 2010, this collection of red-hot, over-the-top tales, EIGHTH WONDER, by 'Big' Bill Jackson is "The hottest gay erotic book ever written and I've gone through three copies!" wrote an Amazon reader. No wonder. 'Big' Bill Jackson's stories exploded in all the major gay magazines starting in 1980 and left readers in a state of exhausted ecstasy. At 6 foot four, this powerful, muscular knockout went on the prowl as a personal trainer, a stag film stud, a bouncer, the owner of his own Big Bill Bodyworks. From the green pastures of the South to the back rows of Manhattan's gay theaters, Big Bill was always up and ready for action--from kinky to wild.
Everyone loves feisty, adorable, courageous little Doofus and his plucky cohorts as they battle evil to save Christmas for the world!


Ten-year-old Doofus Dunlap is an abused little boy, whose mother seems to hate him for no logical reason. To escape her torture, he discovers a way into the center of Earth where Santa World exists. Along with three buddies: feisty Maggie, crazy little Jimmy Chan and strong Buck, they seek Santa Claus to warn him that there are evil forces afoot that plans to destroy his world and Christmas. Non-escape adventure and suspense as our trio of heroes encounter monsters of the underworld.
While a blizzard rages around the luxurious chalet, six guests fight for their lives against a crazed, human monster who wields his bloody axe!


When Liz Johnson decides to move out of her sinister old chalet, she invites six guests to help her celebrate. But a ferocious blizzard traps the party-goers and only too late do they realize there's a horrifying maniac--Benji--whose returned to his home to destroy all intruders. At the end, there's only one person left and Benji wants to play a game of cat and mouse. Will the mouse escape--or become another butchered corpse to join the others!
Twelve terrifying tales of women who encounter death in all its guises.


In a remote cabin, a woman writer hears a door creak open above her--where there's not supposed to be anyone there. A demonic mother has finally gotten rid of her handicapped child by drowning her--but the little girl returns to exact her revenge. These are only two of the terrifying tales where women discover horror awaits them in the most unexpected places. A young mother discovers too late there's a prehistoric dinosaur in the canyon below...A lunatic picks up thewrong passenger to murder...a pair of plastic shoes become lethal weapons from a ghost. Lock your doors and batten the hatches--that creaking sound of a door heralds more horror than you can handle!
A super luxurious hotel becomes a Horror House as an axe-wielding maniac roams the corridors, determined to kill every resident. Does he succeed?


A blizzard traps the residents of the luxurious resort of Mountain Manor, perched on the highest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
None have any idea that they will receive an unwelcome visit from a terrifying axe-killer, Benji, whose returned to reclaim his 'home."
Before the sun shines again, the fancy rooms and corridors of Mountain Manor are lined with headless corpses--and Benji has twenty new heads to add to his collection.
When the horrific Benji slinks along the corridors of the mental hospital, terror is not far behind!


The Old Saunders Place, a rambling, enormous chalet, has been the site of several unsolved massacres where the corpses were never found. Now, it's become the temporary facility for mental patients. On the violent ward, the staff notices strange piercings and bruises but ignore the ramblings of the patients who swear there's a grinning clown on the loose. The terrifying axe killer, Benji, tortures these patients at night and then he finally carves horrific grins on their faces-before sending them out to murder everyone in their paths!
Deadly, charismatic child killer, Billy Mulligan, is The Master of Hell Mountain--and captive Cassie battles to escape his hold!


Trisha Foster is rich, spoiled and addicted to the fast life when she marries her hunky, hot husband who takes her to his parents chalet up in the mountains. Within hours, though, she realizes she's a prisoner and the inhabitants there are holding her ransom. More terrifying than these crazies is the amazing, notorious Master of Hell Mountain--Billy Mulligan, child killer and multiple rapist. She witnesses his ferocious sexual evil at work until she succumbs to this demonic lover. Her feisty mother, newspaper publisher Abigal, comes to rescue her--but Billy Mulligan wants a fight to the death.
Twelve terrifying tales of women who encounter death in all its guises.

In a remote cabin, a woman writer hears a door creak open above her--where there's not supposed to be anyone there. A demonic mother has finally gotten rid of her handicapped child by drowning her--but the little girl returns to exact her revenge. These are only two of the terrifying tales where women discover horror awaits them in the most unexpected places. A young mother discovers too late there's a prehistoric dinosaur in the canyon below...A lunatic picks up thewrong passenger to murder...a pair of plastic shoes become lethal weapons from a ghost. Lock your doors and batten the hatches--that creaking sound of a door heralds more horror than you can handle!