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The Strange Case of Kurt James

Set against the glittering backdrop of Manhattan of 1973, golden-haired Kurt James desperately tries to reinvent himself from the city's most highly paid male escort to Gotham's most in-demand private tutor and secretary to the city's most rich and powerful. When he's assigned to fabulous Darling Place on Fifth Avenue, he finds his student is the sixteen-year-old ravishing badboy, Claude Darling. His mother is the psychotic Mona, heiress to millions and now a feminist poet. Claude's father is the stunning Wall Street Adonis, David, who is President Richard Nixon's most intimate confidante. But the commander-in-chief is drowning in the Watergate Scandal. Kurt falls in love with both his handsome pupil and the gorgeous banker. Two murders explode at Darling Place and the name of Kurt James becomes headline news around the world.