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Sound and the Fury

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Was he the devil - or was he more than an angel?

On a wintry night in 1940, a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in the crime-ridden village of Vesaria in the North Carolina mountains.

Big, brawny and charismatic, Emmanuel Trident rids the area of its criminals and brings prosperity and harmony to the village.

With his shoulder-length hair, beard and blazing eyes of jade, he creates a church where he preaches naked and tells his followers that there is only one sex in the world. Then he marries the village's outcast, the androgynous Diana DuPree and they have twin sons. But this ignites the fury of the sadistic backwoodsmen. They attack the family, murdering the wife, nailing the Mountain Messiah to a wooden cross but the two boys are swiftly moved to safety. As they grow up apart, both are identical in their search for their god-like father with legend describing him as having escaped the cross and is now existing in suspended animation in a magical cave located in Mt. Mouria--where the village of Vesaria was once located.

And what the twin sons discover changes the world!

WHITE GODS..."a sweeping epic!...a masterpiece...perfect for lovers of grand drama on an epic scale....

"Epic story telling on a grand scale...from lynchings by the Ku Klux Klan to the attack on Pearl Harbor...a masterpiece of story-telling by an extraordinary writer!"

 by Ruth Naomi » 16 Sep 2021, 02:41

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "White Gods" by Jery Tillotson.]

4 out of 4 stars
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White Gods by Jery Tillotson is a historical and gay romance novel that centers on the Mirakle family. Milo Mirakle is appointed by President Roosevelt as the key advisor to the military. His wife, Dr. Laura Mirakle, had always been passionate about helping people, so she traveled to Mountain Town and opened a free clinic that would cure the inhabitants who lived in dire poverty.

In 1941, when Dr. Laura and her black co-workers are murdered by the Ku Klux Klan, her 16-year-old son, Brandon (Brandy), witnesses the horror and narrowly escapes death. In the process, Brandon heroically kills three of the perpetrators. Milo Mirakle takes his son with him to Hawaii, so they'd grief Laura's death together. While there, Brandon falls in love with an island boy, Rudy. Soon, the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and Milo, along with other military men, die in the process. More than seventy years later, 96-year-old Brandy has been invited to commemorate the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing. How will things go for him?

There are tons of things to appreciate in this novel. Firstly, when I picked this installment, I thought it would be based solely on gay romance, but that's not the case. Historical events are so adequately explained that I felt as if I had been transported back to 1941. While so doing, Mr. Tillotson does not eschew the profound racial discrimination back then. Immigrants worked for long hours with meager wages and sometimes no pay. With mouths to feed, most people would indulge in petty crimes and even murder.

Jery Tillotson has performed an impeccable job with his character development. Brandy began as a horny teenager who wanted all the attractive boys to himself, often performing his sexual desires with them. However, when he grows older, we see Brandy viewing the world from a more divergent perspective.


I encountered very few errors in the book, so it is professionally edited. The story was captivating and a masterpiece! Therefore, I rate the book four out of four stars. I endorse it to lovers of gay romance novels with a blend of history.