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Sound and the Fury

New Book on the Market: NAKED JESUS


Was he the devil - or was he more than an angel?

On a wintry night in 1940, a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in the crime-ridden village of Vesaria in the North Carolina mountains.

Big, brawny and charismatic, Emmanuel Trident rids the area of its criminals and brings prosperity and harmony to the village.

With his shoulder-length hair, beard and blazing eyes of jade, he creates a church where he preaches naked and tells his followers that there is only one sex in the world. Then he marries the village's outcast, the androgynous Diana DuPree and they have twin sons. But this ignites the fury of the sadistic backwoodsmen. They attack the family, murdering the wife, nailing the Mountain Messiah to a wooden cross but the two boys are swiftly moved to safety. As they grow up apart, both are identical in their search for their god-like father with legend describing him as having escaped the cross and is now existing in suspended animation in a magical cave located in Mt. Mouria--where the village of Vesaria was once located.

And what the twin sons discover changes the world!

A Mountain Winter and Time for Romance and Creativity