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Published in 1993 by Masquerade Books, Jason Fury's powerful collection of male-male stories became an overnight sensation and gradually an international best-seller. Although banned Canada until 2011, the twenty-one stories of complicated men have enthralled readers for over a decade. Badboys, hot Daddies, psychos, jocks, truckers, tragic lovers, Fury's tales range from the heart-breaking, "Barbed Wire," to the humorous, "The Bastard of the County," to the haunting "The Last of the Seven Beauties." Read and be thrilled by story collection that was "rejected by over 120 agents and editors who all called my stories junk, porno and garbage."
Now considered a "must" for any collector of classics, add ERIC'S BODY and be thrilled over and over again--as tens of thousands of readers have done in the past.