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Keeping up With Jery, Jason, Kandy, Andrea and Big Bill

Two old best-sellers get new life in Cyber-world

Feeling happy with the news that two of my old best-sellers have been re-issued by an international publisher.
Open Road Media brought the rights to ERIC'S BODY and THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW and have re-issued them in new editions and a strong promotional campaign.
So now both titles can celebrate their 25th Anniversary of being in print. They were first published in 1993 by Massquerade Books in New York City and became overnight sensations, selling out printing after printing.
And then in 2005, the Author's Guild of America brought the rights and re-issued them again in its prestigious Back-in-Print of classics. Both titles once more became hue sellers.
And then in January of 2017, the international publisher, Open Road Media, brought the rights and has reissued them in new editions with a large promotional push.
So it's time for champagne.
My new Jason Fury novel, WILD BOYS OF THE SWAMP, was published two weeks ago by Amazon. It's already creating hot buzz and great reader reaction. From Amazon.com, here's the first review:

Jason Fury at the top of his game! *****

I have followed this talented authorover the years and eagerly await his colorful and masterful offerings which never fail to entertain. He is a master of conjuring up complete images of colorful scenarios that would make for great movies. In WILD BOYS, he skillfully develops his character personalities i a swift-moving narrative and the novel moves along swiftly, so rapidly that I found it hard to put the book down and read it in two sittings. So do join the extraordinary Sunny St. James and his adventures at the Dark Oaks Art Colony! - Joseph


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