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Welcome Into My Cyber Home!

Wrapped up against the freezing winds to do my holiday shopping in the North Carolina mountains.

Hello there!
Welcome to my cozy apartment in bohemian, hippie, mellow Asheville, North Carolina--'The Paris of the South". (F. Scott Fitzerald).


Let me prepare you some hot Russian Tea--or perhaps you'd enjoy one of our icy beers made right here in Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also, have just baked some special brownies to go along with your refreshsment. Let's just kick back and catch up with what's going on in our worlds.


Have just launched my new suspense novel, THE STRANGE CASE OF KURT JAMES.

It's already gone "live" on Amazon and I hope that gradually it will find the audience I think it deserves.

The plot revolves around the mysterious Kurt James--he flees arrest in 1968 when the law ambushes a rest area where he and his boyfriend have gone to and have some sexual fun with fellow gay men. He escapes to Manhattan where he becomes a celebrated drag queen, gay activist and popular male escort to other men--but when he sees his fellow cohorts going over the edge in a hellish life of drugs and drinks, Kurt re-invents himself in 1973 as the city's most popular private tutor and personal secretary. When he's assigned to work with the handsome but drug-addicted Claude Darling of Fifth Avenue, he steps into an explosive household on Fifth Avenue. The mother is a neurotic who fancies herself a feminist poet. The father is dashing, sexy David Darling one of Wall Street's most powerful tigers and close confidante of President Richard Nixon--whose drowning in the Watergate Scandal.

Kurt is horrified by the way the mother brutalizes her adorable little boy, Tuffy, and Kurt tries to save him--white falling in love with both his bad boy student and the father. Two brutal murders occur in Darling Place--and the name of Kurt James makes headlines across the nation as the "degenerate" who destroyed a family and helped topple President Nixon from the White House! A shocking ending reveals the true nature of the fascinating Kurt James!


My brilliant artist, David Schmelling of Germany, has created a dazzling cover and book design.  This novel is actually based on an earlier book I published back in 2000, HIS EYES WERE DARK, HE LICKED HIS LIPS. I've rewritten nearly all of it but kept the basic plot.


Am excited about the re-issue of my controversial novel, NAKED JESUS, which is now being featured on all the internet bookstores--from Amazon to Walmart to Barnes and Noble.should be released this week on all major websites for book sellers.  The staff at Stellar Literary are all excited, too, since they believe this novel of mine will take off and become a conversation starter.

When it was published in 2015, there was no coverage and no outlet for it to be reviewed. It just sat there, undiscovered but hopefully, the new re-issue will change all that and people will discuss it's controversial theme and characters.




My last novel, WHITE GODS, is garnering rave reviews on Amazon with critics calling it "Epic...dazzling...spellbinding." For once, I feel proud of accomplishing basically what I set out for. There were many characters and events to keep track of, much research into how lives were lived in Honolulu before the Japanese attack--but I think readers are appreciating this. The hero, Brandy, is one of my favorite literary characters.

For WHITE GODS, I spent countless hours researching the Pearl Harbor part of the book and do hope I've got everything right. The most difficult part of writing this manuscript, however, was the Deep South part and the Ku Klux Klan treatment of blacks. In those days, it was horrendous but accepted by too many as a way of life. I was glad to use my main chracter, Brandon, as a champion of Civil Rights and stood up to the racists.


I enjoyed your visit! Sorry to see you go, especially with the winds still howling and the snow still falling. Hope you liked the hot tea and the brownies. We'll have some more when you return--and the sun might actually be shining!