A CENTURY OF GAY EROTICA showcases a long excerpt from my 1993 best-seller THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW which describes a real-life serial killer who slaughters blonde go-go boys. The butcher was never found but it was always thought he was a member of the NYPD's Vice Squad.

My new, controversial novel: NAKED JESUS

Me, center, with sister Jennifer Miller, brother Jorge

Jery Tillotson as one of his most popular literary personae's: the mysterious, glamorous 'Andrea D'Allasandra'--'Mistress of Chills'. Photo by Jenka Trezetti, Paris, France

My newest book, RUN FAST, MY WOLF BOY, under my pen name of Andrea D'Allasandra

The author as his popular gay literary personae, 'Jason Fury'--"The new Colette of Gay Erotica!" Recently added to the coveted international list of Best Gay Authors along with Truman Capote and Oscar Wilde. Photo by Sjorstrom Sundermann, Manhattan

Caught taking a break by prize-winning photographer Paul Clark of Asheville.

My beach book best-seller, ORGY, writing as 'Jason Fury', based on my real-life movie extra role in film, A GOOD OLD FASHION ORGY, from 2009

At 73, real-life romance discovered in the Blue Ridge Mountains.. My memoirs: I, A MAN. I look back over 7 tumultuous decades as a gay man--and the people I loved and lost.

ERIC'S BODY is celebrating its 25th anniversary of being in print. First published by Masquerade Books in 1993, it became an overnight sensation and sold out all printings. Then in 2005, the Author's Guild of America included thi s book in its prestigious Back-in-Print list of American classics and a new generation discovered it. And finally, in January of this year, Open Road Media brought the rights and re-issued yet another edition with a huge promotional campaign. Now, more readers are discovering what tens of thousands of readers have already learned. The men depicted in the 24 stories are all unforgettable and very real.

Taking a break with buddies in 2007 on exhausting, never-ending filming of BOLDEN, in Wilmington, NC, with a release date 2016.

"The hottest book of gay erotica I've ever read and I've gone through my 3rd copy. Incredible!" An Amazon reader. Both EIGHTH WONDER and ERIC'S BODY were banned in Canada until 2010.

Dressed as "The Leash Man" in 2009 for the Saturday Night Live movie production of A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY. My role inspired my latest Jason Fury novel: ORGY. Photo courtesy of Endgame Entertainment

Me, Norman, Jessie and Bill taking a well-deserved break from the on-set heat in 2009's sex comedy, A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY. The action behind the camera was hotter than what was filmed before it. Photo courtesy of Endgame Productions.

Welcome Into My Cyber Home!

Author Jery Tillotson in his famous apartment in Asheville, NC. Readers will recognize the backdrop used in the writer's best-selling memoir, I, A MAN.

Hello there!
Welcome to my cozy apartment in bohemian, hippie, mellow Asheville, North Carolina--'The Paris of the South". (F. Scott Fitzerald).

Make yourself cozy while I mix you up a fiery Bloody Mary or pour you a cup of strong, mountain coffee. It's been snowing today and the winds howling against the windows here in my place on Kenilworth Mountain, located right in the center of Asheville.I've gotten out my warmest heavy coats and hats to battle the freezing cold. Last year, it was almost like spring year-round. Now, it feels like a good ole winter we used to have.
Would you like to join me in watching a favorite Universal monster classic--or had you preferred we talk. Okay, here goes.
Am celebrating the 25th anniversary of two of my early books that are still in print: ERIC'S BODY and THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW.
Both titles were written under my pen name of 'Jason Fury' and published in 1994 by Masquerade Books in New York . Both were overnight smash hits. There were numerous reprints until 2005, and that's when the Author's Guild of America selected both volumes for inclusion in their prestigious Back-in-Print list of American literary classics.
Once more, the two books became best-sellers to a new generation. The duo first came out in paperback, and then as the Guild's first e-books.
And then in January of this year, Open Road Media brought the rights and ERIC'S BODY and THE ROPE ABOVE THE BED BELOW have been re-issued with a new promotional campaign.
What's ironic, is that both manuscripts were turned down over one hundred times by agents and editors. My two works were considered pornographic in the year 1994 because they depicted men making love to other men.
Luckily, I found a young, driven agent who sent the two titles to Masquerade Books where publisher Richard Kasak immediately grabbed them.
The rest is history.
This could be a lesson to all struggling writers. Keep plugging away and today there are vastly more ways of getting your work published than back in 1992.
I'm completing my new novel, WHITE GODS, which I've worked on for the past two years. I've greatly enjoyed this tale of how a young gay boy survives the Pearl Harbor attack and he witnesses the deaths of his handsome father and his ravishing island boyfriend. I've discovered I don't have to visit the local library for research. I find everything I need on Google, Bing and Youtube where there are many valuable documentaries about that horrible date: December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked our military base in Honolulu that left more than 3,000 military personnel dead.
I hope you enjoyed your drink. On your next visit maybe I can whip you up a more potent cocktail that's popular here in the mountains. It's called moonshine with an added twist of lime.
Until later....we'll have a sip again.

Best-sellers by Jery Tillotson, Jason Fury, Andrea D'Allasandra, Kandy Kristmas and 'Big' Bill Jackson!

run fast, my wolf boy
A young sorceress and her werewolf boyfriend join forces to battle mountain evil!
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Was Emmanuel Trident really Jesus Christ? His twin sons vow to see if their fabled father is still alive in a magic cavern--and find out once and for all if he is the Messiah!
A beautiful psychic and her powerful wolf boy join forces to battle mountain evil!
"Gay erotica at its Zenith by a true master!"--Amazon
At 73, a new world of romance in Asheville, NC.. Shocking but true! When gay author Jery Tillotson moved to the mountain city of Asheville, NC, in 2012, he dated over 100 men thru the cyber dating sites. Read who were the flops, the bores and the champions in I, A MAN
From a gay witch hunt in the South in 1957 to the glittering mansions of Fifth Avenue--the charismatic Kurt James conquers all--until a violent murder on Fifth Avenue creates one of the most sensational murders of 1975!
Vampires! Werewolves! Muscle Gods! Powerful and oversexed Johnny America and the Queen of the Paranormal in Manhattan, Christiana Tremont, join forces to battle the Dark Ones, subhuman vampires who want to take over the world of the undead. Only the Great God Pan can vanquish them!
Frisky, over-sexed, 20-year-old bi-boy, Sammy Bucks, is the biggest movie star in the world..."The Sexiest Man Alive," says People Magazine. When he strips naked before the cameras in his new sex-drenched film, ORGY, all hell breaks loose!
Naked hot Daddies, Badboys, Preachers, Convicts--all the complicated men who encounter Jason Fury are here in sizzling, shocking detail! Meet the Postman from Hell in "The Postman Always Cums Twice." Meet father and son aboard the Titanic in 1912 and the sacrifice one has to make. Cherish the "Wildboy" outcast who no one but Jason Fury cares for. Naked, vulnerable and tough--all wanting some hot lovin'!
It's 1929 and "talkies" are in throughout Hollywood. Three dazzling young men arrive to make their marks on the film colony--but only one succeeds and becomes the "new Clark Gable." Sunny St. James is transformed into the Drag Queen Superstar, while big Mack Johnson is crowned the King of Stag Film Studs. Pathos, drama and triumph--they're all here in THE KISS OF KING KONG.
One of gay literature's most acclaimed pioneer, Jery Tillotson takes on a journey through his life--from post World War II America to the massacre of 9/11 in New York City.
Only the dead flourish in the sinister old mountain city of Wintersville. This mountain locale serves as the dramatic and terrifying backdrop for Jason Fury's brilliant and critically acclaimed collection of tales of gay men doomed to horrifying fates in THE SECRET OF JIMMY X and OTHER TALES OF THE MACABRE.
Both EIGHTH WONDER and Jason Fury's ERIC'S BODY were both banned in Canada until 2010
DOOFUS THE LITTLE CHRISTMAS has proven a perennial holiday best-seller, with even adults enjoying the fast moving tale of our young hero and his courageous buddies.
Six guests were expecting a fun-filled snowy weekend in a luxurious mountain chalet. Instead, they became trapped by a crazed psycho, Benji, who uses his axe to punish these intruders for invading his home that was taken away from him by the courts. Do any of the guests survive? The wind howls, the snow falls heavier and see--there's blood everywhere!
A gallery of women who face danger, madness and death in all its guises and monstrosities.
Residents of the super luxurious mountain condos begin to vanish one-by-one when a blizzard hits. Only too late to the survivors remember the massacres that have already occurred here by a terrifying axe-wielding maniac. He's back as the remaining tenants desperately a way to escape while outside, the storm increases its fury.
Doctors at the old mental hospital scoff at patient's tales of a nightmarish clown slinking through the hallways at night, drinking their blood and torturing them. But then comes the night when the monster begins to carve horrendous grins into the faces of the men--and holy hell explodes!
For her mountain honeymoon, Trisha Foster expects a beautiful retreat but instead finds herself captive by a group of psychopaths, headed by the master of hell mountain--the charismatic, incredibly handsome and very oversexed Billy Mulligan. He uses his powerful, nude body to control her until ransom is paid. But he has no idea that Cassie's mother, the powerful newspaper publisher, Abigal, is ready to fight and to kill if necessary. Jery Tillotson says this about THE MASTER OF HELL MOUNTAIN: "A number of readers have written me and asked me if Billy Mulligan, the fascinating, homicidal sex maniac, was based on a real person. The answer is yes. When I was a front-page reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser in Alabama during the 1970s, I once interviewed a prisoner the others called The Silver Fox. His was one stunning looking male. His silver hair was worn in a buzz cut. His eyes were a luminous blue, framed by very thick dark lashes. His amazing body was made for sinning. In each of the five interviews I did with him, he wore a sleeveless shirt that displayed his powerful arms. His chest was enormous and always exposed. His jeans hung low so you could tell he had shaved his pubic. I heard his sexual prowess among other inmates and guards was phenomenal. He was accused of murdering a young trooper and then raping and beheading the young bride. When I asked him about this he brazenly denied the whole thing. As he sat across from me at our narrow table, I felt his intense body heat. He flirted outrageously, rubbed himself, licked his full, pink lips, squeezed his thick nipples and was enticing me to have fun with him--although there were two guards stationed by the door. I thought: here is an extraordinary male beauty who can be an extraordinary killer."
In sex-mad Manhattan of 1980, a crazed maniac is murdering wild go-go boys with blonde curls and blue-eyes, much like our Stripper of the Year--Brett. Will he escape or fall prey to the hangman's noose.
In the mad-sex world of Manhattan in 1980, a crazed maniac is murdering and hanging wild go-go boys with gold curls and blue eyes, much like our Stripper of the Year--Brett. Will he escape the hangman's noose, or will his lover turn out to be the serial killer?