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Welcome Into My Cyber Home!

Author Jery Tillotson in his famous apartment in Asheville, NC. Readers will recognize the backdrop used in the writer's best-selling memoir, I, A MAN.

Hello there!
Welcome to my cozy apartment in bohemian, hippie, mellow Asheville, North Carolina--'The Paris of the South". (F. Scott Fitzerald).


Another blazing hot July is underway here in the mountains and already it's torture to do anything outside. Went to the store and stocked up on beverages: instant iced tea, lemonade, Kool-Aid, Diet Pepsi, Elysium Beer, wine, etc. Since Asheville is known world-wide as "Beer City" it's never a problem in finding your favorite beer. Problem is that whenever I go to my local Publix or Ingles, an entire wall is covered with over one hundred different beers to choose from.


I'm eagerly awaiting October when the temps will finally begin to lower some and the nights are crisp and cool.


Make yourself comfortable while I pour you a tall glass of iced tea. Or, a cold bottle of beer made here in Asheville.  I have the AC turned on high.  Our weatherman predicts the next two weeks will see daily highs in the 90s so I'm afraid I'll become a recluse during that time and not go anywhere except to the gym and then to buy groceries at Publix.


I've arranged a stack of my all-time favorite scary movies that I'm watching each night while sipping some cold wine and relaxing beneath cool sheets.


 It's even better when it rains and I can hear it falling on the metal roof outside. Tonight, I'm watching "The Mummy's Ghost," "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman' and "Alien."


Am excited about the publication of my new novel, WILD BOYS OF THE SWAMP, written under my pen name of JASON FURY. My German artist, David Schmelling, came through with a stunning book design and a brilliant cover and back-cover. I told him I wanted a dramatic cover that was over the top and would stand out to would-be readers. Now the hard part, of trying to find newspapers and magazines that can plug it--but unfortunately, the local newspaper, The Asheville Citizen-Times, no longer reviews books. Will keep you posted on my book's progress.

Am celebrating the 25th anniversary of two of my early books that are still in print: ERIC'S BODY and THE ROPE ABOVE, THE BED BELOW.
Both titles were written under my pen name of 'Jason Fury' and published in 1994 by Masquerade Books in New York . Both were overnight smash hits. There were numerous reprints until 2005, and that's when the Author's Guild of America selected both volumes for inclusion in their prestigious Back-in-Print list of American literary classics.
Once more, the two books became best-sellers to a new generation. The duo first came out in paperback, and then as the Guild's first e-books.
And then in January of this year, Open Road Media brought the rights and ERIC'S BODY and THE ROPE ABOVE THE BED BELOW have been re-issued with a new promotional campaign.
What's ironic, is that both manuscripts were turned down over one hundred times by agents and editors. My two works were considered pornographic in the year 1994 because they depicted men making love to other men.
Luckily, I found a young, driven agent who sent the two titles to Masquerade Books where publisher Richard Kasak immediately grabbed them.
The rest is history.
This could be a lesson to all struggling writers. Keep plugging away and today there are vastly more ways of getting your work published than back in 1992.
I'm completing my new novel, WHITE GODS, which I've worked on for the past two years. I've greatly enjoyed this tale of how a young gay boy survives the Pearl Harbor attack and he witnesses the deaths of his handsome father and his ravishing island boyfriend. I've discovered I don't have to visit the local library for research. I find everything I need on Google, Bing and Youtube where there are many valuable documentaries about that horrible date: December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked our military base in Honolulu that left more than 3,000 military personnel dead.
I hope you enjoyed your drink. On your next visit maybe I can whip you up a more potent cocktail that's popular here in the mountains. It's called moonshine with an added twist of lime.
Until later....we'll have a sip again.